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- Complete Band name?
- Genre?
- Do you want Symmetry?
- What lettering style would you like?
- How readable do you want the logo?
- What colors do you want to use?
- What effects would you like to see?
- Do you have reference images you can send?
- Location?
- Payment Option?



Descripe in detail what you are looking for the cover to have. Include elements, reference images, colors and styles you'd like to see. If you are unsure, name the theme of the album or songs and what part of your lyrical theme you'd like to be in the cover. Any information will help creating your art!


be sure to include all the logos that will be included in the flier. If you want a specific order of the bands to appear on the flier, list them order from top to bottom as it will appear on the flier. Include theme,venue information, date, and anything that will go on the flier.


- Organize all the lyrics, Thank you list, Copyright info, Text, Tracklist a notepat document
- Any logos, information or content you want in the layout include it in the email as well as a description on where you want it to go.
- How many pages for the booklet?
- Provide a guide as far as what each page will contain in the normal order for example, (page 1: (content), page 2: (content) etc...)
- If you have additional designs you want included, attach them in the email as well
- provide a full description on how you'd like the design (if i made it) incorperated into the layout)


For all other art please be specific in detail and provide reference images if you can!